TRiLUX 8171 4-Sided Wall Light


  • Brand  TRiLUX
  • Power  12 watts (4*3 watts bulb each)
  • Body Color Black
  • Color Temperature 3000k
  • Material  Die cast aluminium
  • IP Rating  IP65
  • Led Chip  Cree
  • Led Driver Done
  • Expected LifeSpan >20,000 hours



  • Wall light is rated IP65 so it’s rain proof,can be used indoor/outdoor for residential & commercial projects. It has 4 led built in chips consuming 3 watts of power each, total rated power 12watts
  • TRiLUX is a brand that places a great emphasis on quality. Our article 8171-12W is using CREE LED Chips, which is a brand originating from USA & is among world’s top 10 led brands. Our LED driver is also among top 5 chinese driver brand, thus ensuring superior product quality.
  • For Bedrooms, TV lounges, Kitchen, Facade, Exterior Wall, Interior Wall.


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